Learn More - Cyclone Alley -- the official student spirit organization for Iowa State basketball!
Learn More - Cyclone Alley -- the official student spirit organization for Iowa State basketball!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Mission & Code of Conduct
Cyclone Alley Central Committee

Our Mission

Mission Statement
To come together as a group of students to create a spirited and positive atmosphere at the men’s and women’s basketball games of Iowa State University. These students will be actively involved in the support, enhancement, and enjoyment of the games, increasing spirit and heightening Hilton Magic.

Code of Conduct
As a member of Cyclone Alley, I promise to...

  • work cooperatively with the Cyclone Alley Central committee to create Hilton Magic at men's and women's basketball games
  • not attend a Cyclone Alley event while under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances
  • not recreate or redesign my official Cyclone Alley T-shirt in any way
  • be respectful of those around me at Cyclone Alley events and refrain from using offensive language
  • display positive sportsmanship and refrain from directing offensive language toward game officials, visiting teams, and visiting fans at all Cyclone Alley events

I understand that failure to comply with this code of conduct could result in dismissal from a Cyclone Alley event or removal from the Cyclone Alley organization at the discretion of the Cyclone Alley Central committee, Iowa State University Alumni Association staff, Iowa State Center staff, and/or Iowa State University Athletics Department staff.

Cyclone Alley Central Committee

What is Cyclone Alley Central?
Cyclone Alley Central is a student-run committee of the Student Alumni Leadership Council, which is a program of the ISU Alumni Association, working in partnership with the Iowa State Athletics Department. The committee includes 12 student members, two of whom serve as co-chairs. Cyclone Alley Central's mission is dedicated to providing Iowa State students with the opportunity to be actively involved with supporting men’s and women’s basketball. Our goal is to enhance the “Hilton Magic” and create a positive environment for our fans and teams.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a member of Cyclone Alley?
A: Cyclone Alley membership is exclusively available through the Athletics All-Sports Ticket Package. To purchase All-Sports Ticket Package stop by the Student Alumni Leadership Council (SALC) office on the first floor of the ISU Alumni Center or call (515) 294-8488.  (student tickets for 2016-2017 are sold out)

Q: What are the benefits of membership?
A: *Game-time contests and giveaways
*Game props and giveaways for selected games
*Opportunity to participate in game watches and road trips for members only
*Electronic "Alley Rally" game program
*Cyclone Alley Rewards Program

Q: What seats will we be given? Are we assigned seats in those areas?
A: For the men’s games, Cyclone Alley will be seated in the following sections: 121-123 and 221-223 on the east side, and 101-102 on the west side. For the women’s games, Cyclone Alley members will be in sections 101-102, which are located on the west side.  Seating within these sections is first come first served.

Q: Will members of Cyclone Alley need to come early to the arena to get seats?
A: Cyclone Alley is general admission; therefore it is first come, first served. We encourage all members to come early! Doors open one hour before tip-off at women's games and two hours prior to tip at men's games.

Q: Does my Cyclone Alley shirt have to be visible to sit in the Cyclone Alley section?
A: Nope (although we encourage you to wear it, or wear some sort of Iowa State apparel)! However, costumes, wearing old props, signs, and any other creativity is encouraged!  

Q: May we bring signs into the Cyclone Alley section?
A: Yes, you may bring appropriate signs into Cyclone Alley.

Q: How can a student become a member of the Cyclone Alley Central Committee?
A: During the spring semester, there will be interviews for those who would like to be a part of the Cyclone Alley Central Committee for the upcoming year. See below for more information.

Do you have other questions about Cyclone Alley?  Contact us!

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