Rewards - Cyclone Alley -- the official student spirit organization for Iowa State basketball!
Rewards - Cyclone Alley -- the official student spirit organization for Iowa State basketball!


Each time you attend a Cyclone basketball game, you’re one step closer to earning the limited-edition Cyclone Alley rewards! This year, there are 2 different prize tiers that you can achieve by attending Iowa State men’s and women’s basketball games throughout the season and a chance to enter a prize drawing for perfect attendance. We will be using a season-long points system for game attendance. Attending a men’s game is worth 1 point, while attending a women’s game is worth 2 points. However, throughout the season there are multiple ways that will allow a student to earn additional points like bonus point games and game watches. Please refer to the schedule below for the bonus game and game watch dates.


There are 3 new changes to the rewards system this year:

  1. To earn FULL reward points for women’s games, you MUST swipe at halftime. You will not receive points for coming to a women's game if you do not swipe at halftime. 
  2. There will ONLY be two rewards given this season. 
  3. Any student who earns perfect attendance will receive an exclusive jersey. 


There are 40 possible points for the season and 2 different prize tiers Once you reach each point tier, you are guaranteed that designated prize and the prizes in the lower tiers. All prize items are subject to change with the discretion of Cyclone Alley Central. Point tiers are listed below.


If you earn 17 out of 40  points, you will receive our 1st tier prize, a tumbler.


If you earn 34 out of 40 points, you will receive our 2nd tier prize, a quarter-zip. 


If you earn 40 out of 40 points, you will be entered to win a custom retro jersey. 

All prizes will be available for pick up at the end of the season.


Points Schedule


MEN’S BASKETBALL (1 point per game, 2 points per bonus game)


·  Tuesday, Nov. 6: Alabama State 


·  Friday, Nov. 9: Missouri 


·  Monday, Nov. 12: Texas Southern 


·  Monday, Nov 26: Omaha 


·  Monday, Dec. 3: North Dakota State (BONUS)


·  Sunday, Dec. 9: Southern 


·  Saturday, Jan. 19: Oklahoma State 


·  Wednesday, Jan. 30: West Virginia (BONUS)


·  Saturday, Feb. 2: Texas 


·  Saturday, Feb. 9: TCU


·  Tuesday, Feb. 19: Baylor


·  Monday, Feb. 25: Oklahoma 


·  Saturday, March. 9: Texas Tech


WOMEN’S BASKETBALL (2 points per game, 3 points per bonus game)


·  Sunday, Dec. 2: Arkansas (BONUS)


·  Sunday, Dec. 9: North Dakota 


·  Saturday, Jan. 19: Oklahoma 


·  Tuesday, Jan. 19: Texas Tech (BONUS)


·  Saturday, Feb. 9: West Virginia


·  Saturday, Feb. 16: Oklahoma State


·  Saturday, Feb. 23: Baylor 


·  Monday, March. 4: Kansas (BONUS)



Tracking Attendance


Note: Unfortunately, printed tickets that are scanned do not count for attendance due to ticket transfers. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure his or her card is successfully scanned at every game. Cyclone Alley Central Committee will not be able to make changes to game attendance. Also, exhibition games and games over school breaks are NOT included in the rewards program and do not count for or against your game attendance. However, you have the ability to purchase a break game student ticket for $5 at the Jacobson Building.


Men’s Basketball Reward Attendance Policy

Each student’s attendance will be recorded when they scan their ID card at the north doors by the ticket staff to enter each game. 


Women’s Basketball Reward Attendance Policy 

In order to receive points for attending women’s games, students will need to arrive and have their ticket scanned by the ticket staff at the north doors by 15 minutes after the stated game start time AND have their card scanned by the Cyclone Alley Central Committee during halftime at the table on the concourse by the north doors to receive 1 point towards rewards and the jersey. In order to reach full point students must swipe their ID at halftime. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


Please follow us on our social media accounts as we will provide reminders for bonus games and give constant updates on all of the above information throughout the season. We also frequently run giveaway contests so make sure to enter those as well for free prizes! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @cyclonealley and be sure to like our Cyclone Alley Facebook page!


We can’t wait to see you at Hilton this season!  Go, Cyclones!

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